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Conference Preview

I am going to two conferences in the near future. Here is a preview of how it might look like according to the internet. Link to webcam 1. Link to webcam 2.

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Today I noticed that there is a command on Mac OS X named open. It just opens any document or folder that you pass as a command line argument as if you double click on it within finder. That’s useful for … Continue reading

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Mauna Kea

Just have a look at today’s Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD). Or at this video (thanks to Geoffroy).

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Anglesey Abbey

Anglesey Abbey Continue reading

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On the evolution..

My paper On the evolution of mean motion resonances through stochastic forcing: Fast and slow libration modes and the origin of HD128311 has been accepted. The new version is now online at and will appear in Astronomy and Astrophysics soon.

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