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Exoplanet and Astronomy

Protected: How Kepler should have released its data

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Exoplanet HR Diagram

Inspired by Stuart, I created this HR Diagram for exoplanet researchers. The position on the x-axis is determined by the number of peer reviewed paper, as given by ADS. The position on the y-axis is given by the number of … Continue reading

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Japan Photos

Here are some photos from Ishigaki and from Tokyo in Japan. Ishigaki

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Publications on the orbital migration of moonlets in Saturn’s rings

My research group published several papers on Saturn’s rings last week. I’m an author on two of them: Stochastic orbital migration of small bodies in Saturn’s rings – Hanno Rein and John Papaloizou Migration of a moonlet in a ring … Continue reading

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The planetary system HD45364

The picture shows the star HD45364 which is slightly smaller than our sun. There are also two planets orbiting this star. Unfortunately, they are not visible in the picture because they are too small and the star is too bright. … Continue reading

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