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Why there is no Exoplanet App for Android yet

Warning: This is a biased view. Don’t take it too serious. It’s just a phone… I bought an iPhone 3GS in 2009 and started programming apps for it soon afterwards. Initially, the learning curve was rather steep. There was Objective … Continue reading

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Exoplanet HR Diagram

Inspired by Stuart, I created this HR Diagram for exoplanet researchers. The position on the x-axis is determined by the number of peer reviewed paper, as given by ADS. The position on the y-axis is given by the number of … Continue reading

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Zattoo in fullscreen

If you ever used the web interface of you probably noticed the annoying left and top bars with advertisement and the lack of a fullscreen mode. Here is a small bookmarklet that gets rid of all the mess: javascript:(function(){ … Continue reading

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DPMHD3d and GravTree

I’ve added two paged describing the main codes that I am using for research, a hydrodynamics code and and N-body code: DPMHD3D GravTree (movie!)

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LaTeX Coffee Stains

This package provides an essential feature to LaTeX that has been missing for too long. It adds a coffee stain to your documents. A lot of time can be saved by printing stains directly on the page rather than adding … Continue reading

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