DPMHD3DDPMHD3d is a three dimensional hydrodynamics code specialised for planet disc interactions. It can be run in one, two or three dimensions and has a MHD module for magnetohydrodynamics.

The algorithm is similar to the ZEUS code, thus uses finite differences, but a fast orbital advection scheme is used for transport in the azimuthal direction (FARGO).

Visualisations are done in real time using OpenGL and GLUT. This allows the user to check the results immediately. It is particularly useful during debugging and extension of the code.

The code is completely written in ANSI C. It uses OpenMP for parallelisation on shared memory machines. It has been optimised for the Intel Core i7 processor family which supports up to 8 parallel threads.

Currently, the source code is not publicly available. However, the plan is to do this as soon as testing and my PhD are finished. If you’re interested in the code, please drop me an e-mail and I will let you know when it get’s published.

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