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  • Toolbox Toolbox
    Lost toolbox orbiting earth.
  • Autumn Autumn
    St John's College
  • Bridge of Sighs Bridge of Sighs
    Bridge of Sighs, St John's College Cambridge
  • Clouds Clouds
    Cloud Pattern
  • Copernicus Copernicus
    Statue of Copernicus in Torun
  • Torun Torun
    Copernicus' Birthplace
  • CMS Panorama CMS Panorama
    Panorama of the Centre for Mathematical Sciences in Cambridge
  • Ascona 2 Ascona 2
    Ascona. Nochmal.
  • Ascona Ascona
    Ascona in Switzerland
  • M51 M51
    First try (joint effort with Stefan)
  • Bumps Bumps
    May Bumps 2008
  • Sunset Sunset
    Singing on the river at Trinity.
  • Boule Boule
    In the garden of Merton House.
  • Preconception Preconception
    Rain in Cambridge.
  • Flowers, again Flowers, again
    Flowers in Trinity Fellows' Garden
  • Green Green
    Springlike Green
  • Mohn Mohn
    Poppy in the Fellows Garden of Trinity College
  • Punting Punting
    A St John's Collge Punt
  • Madingley Madingley
    American Cemetery near Madingley
  • Basketball Basketball
    Basketball in Cambridge

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