Hanno Rein

About me

I was born on June 18th 1983. Nowadays I am apparently 24 years old (please check the number, I am really bad at maths). Currently I am a student at Cambridge University in England and I am working on my PhD in Theoretical Astrophysics. More information is available on my departmental website.

How to contact me

  • by mail

    c/o St. John's College
    Cambridge CB2 1TP
    United Kingdom


    Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
    Centre for Mathematical Sciences
    Wilberforce Road
    Cambridge CB3 0WA
    United Kingdom

  • by e-mail

    hanno (aeht) hanno-rein.de
    replace (aeht) with @

  • by telephone (in England, DAMTP)

    +44 1223 760385

  • by telephone (in England, mobile)

    +44 77 9 44444 96

  • by telephone (in Germany)

    +49 7072 4755

  • by ICQ


Tax Registration Number

The Tax Registration Number (Umsatzsteuernummer) of my business is DE-213-451-232.


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